Help wanted

July 2nd, 2006 + 4:07 PM  ·  Danny

well here am i "interested in expanding my talents/skills" therefore I'd like to ask one of you bandampers to help me create something new as being sort of a rock/soul/funk thing..the point is to get further and expand from our own personal tastes in music to get to something different...

if someone's interested pm or respond to this thread here..either way is just fine

thank you for your attention

Trash mostly

June 26th, 2006 + 6:06 PM  ·  Danny

eheheh finally i could convert my wav file..so here it is..im just starting on the piano and came up with this but still dont know what to do with it..help would be welcome..enjoy:D

My dear waffle

June 16th, 2006 + 4:06 AM  ·  Danny

My dear waffle

Yesterday morning I woke up
And suddenly I realized
Till I saw the sun arise
All I dreamt about was how to eat you up

The first time I went there to meet you
I was sneaking to see you
There was some guy hitting on you
And trying to get a lick of you

My dear waffle
My tasty waffle
I would cry for you
If someone gave you a bite too
My dear waffle
My tasty waffle
Youíre so sexy and so neat
I would never think of cheat

Now your there
Laying quiet on a plate
Covered in chocolate
Like you know it is your fate

I search for a knife
But then again I think twice
You deserve a better prize
With my hands Iíll eat you nice
Now that the end approaches
All I can say is see you soon
Tomorrow Iíll eat your sibling
And then growl as my tummyís full

My dear waffle
My tasty waffle
I just hope Iíll digest you
Or else Iíll have to throw up you

this is one of my stupidest songs! just to prove that luthier is way more crazy than I am..dont be mean or else i'll have to call the bunnies with guns..(they are really mean and treacherous)

An absent brain

June 11th, 2006 + 5:06 PM  ·  Danny

my first go here..hope you like it

An absent brain
Flying here
So deadly unawake
Iíve lost my wings
And now I fall and I break away

I look down
All I see is an endless pit
Falling fast
All I wish is to swiftly faint

Bring me down as I heed
If I die in pain
Know youíre there but my sweet
Social standing evade

Where did I put my brain?
Havenít used from many years till this day
I maybe gave it away
How stupid can I be if it wasnít drained?

Will pay hard
For my dumb-witted mindless skull
Windfalls would
Have no use as thinking is so dull

Fashion sense occupies
Every cell I have
Waste my whole wage on buying
Useless things on sale

How can I find you now?
Did you leave...left behind an open space?
How can I get you now?
Is bribing an approach of keeping the pace?

Am I the product of our
Consumer humanity
Are we doomed to end
Brain damaged permanently..?
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